Farm & Ranch

Turn to MetLife Investment Management for custom structured agricultural loans.

We offer flexible and competitive real estate loans available on a variety of property types, including dry land and irrigated farms, permanent plantings and ranchland.

Whether you’re seeking to expand your operation, refinance an existing mortgage or recapitalize your balance sheet, we can tailor a loan to fit your needs.

Lending Guidelines

Property Types

Row crops, grains, forage, citrus groves, vineyards, sugarcane land, vegetable farms, improved pasture, working cattle ranches and dairies

Loan Type

Secured financing structures for acquisitions, expansion, working capital or refinancing debt

Preferred Size

$1,000,000 to $250 million (or greater) per transaction. Loan size varies by region, please contact your local field associate for more information

Fixed Rate

Up to 30 Years, Rate Locked at Application

Floating Rate

Adjustable terms to suit your needs


Highly flexible terms and structuring

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