Fixed and variable rate mortgage financing for timberland and forest product companies.

We provide a competitive array of loan products across the United States, Canada, and much of Australasia and Latin America secured by timberland and forest product facilities.

Whether you’re seeking to expand your operation, refinance an existing mortgage or recapitalize your balance sheet, we can tailor a loan to fit your needs.

Lending Guidelines

Collateral Types

Timberland properties, production timberland, wood manufacturing facilities and forest product companies

Loan Type

Secured financing for acquisitions, expansion, working capital or refinancing of existing debt

Minimum Size

$10 million and up

Fixed Rate

Up to 30+ years

Floating Rate

Adjustable terms to suit your needs

Parameters Highly flexible terms and structuring

Contact a representative who can tailor a competitive long-term, fixed or adjustable rate loan to fit your individual needs.