Private Capital Overview

MetLife Investment Management provides customized solutions to meet the funding needs of issuers.

We have been a leader in private placement investments for over 100 years. 

Our name and reputation are well-known throughout the marketplace. Issuers look to us for customized solutions to meet their funding needs in a quick and efficient manner.

Investing several billion dollars annually and with a portfolio of $78.7 billion1, we focus on the following asset classes:

  • Debt Private Placements
  • Infrastructure/Project Finance
  • Lease/Tax Equity

$78.7 Billion of Private Placements and Infrastructure Assets Under Management1


  • Significant size and scale allows us to fund entire transactions while affording issuers the ease of funding multiple transactions with one institutional partner
  • Direct capability allows for custom-tailored structures with lower all-in costs
  • Analysts are seasoned sector specialists with an average tenure of 20 years
  • Ability to invest across major currencies
  • Flexible drawdowns (set coupon, draw funds later)
  • Streamlined approval process is efficient and ensures certainty of execution
  • Master Note Facility allows for quick and efficient access to capital
  • Solid capital position, financial strength and capacity ensures our continued commitment to building long-term relationships with issuers

1  Includes MetLife general account assets and assets managed on behalf of unaffiliated/third party clients as of 06/30/19.