Against the Headwinds—Delving into Global Corporate Analysis

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Against the Headwinds—Delving into Global Corporate Analysis

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Brian Funk, CFA Scott Moses, CFA Dominic Guillossou, CFA Park Benjamin, CFA Zach Bauer, CFA Scott O’Donnell Julia Gamburg, Hernan Kisluk, CFA, Michael Recchiuti, Samir Henni, Joseph Di Carlo, CFA, Austin Oh
OCT 29, 2020

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The change in consumer behavior and global demand remains uncertain which leads asset managers to rely heavily on their ability to evaluate the fundamentals of a business in all parts of the globe. Our investment team across the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia has been focused on delving deep into credit, from asset analysis and intrinsic valuation to relative value dynamics between emerging and developed markets. Here we highlight some of the work our credit team has been doing, starting with the much-impacted commodity sectors, with focus on corporate credit in Latin America, then taking the next leg of our trip to Europe with a discussion of the telecommunications sector and rounding out our journey in Asia with an overview of financials.

The goal continues to be to identify opportunities across the globe where valuations compensate investors for owning emerging market corporates and where fundamentals are better than valuations would imply.