NAIC’s RBC Update: Implications for Real Estate Allocation Decisions

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NAIC’s RBC Update: Implications for Real Estate Allocation Decisions

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On May 27th, 2021, NAIC’s Life RBC Working Group approved an ACLI-sponsored proposal to reduce risk-based capital (RBC) factors for real estate equity (REE).  MetLife Investment Management hosted an interactive moderated panel discussion to discuss these changes and the investment implications for life insurance companies.  Richie McLemore, Head of Risk, Research, & Analytics and the chair of the ACLI real estate equity RBC working group discussed the history and rationale for the real estate equity RBC changes, and what the next steps are in the NAIC’s review and approval process.  William Pattison, our Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy discussed commercial real estate performance during the pandemic, and MIM’s current real estate outlook. Ruth Farrugia, Global Head of Insurance Asset Management discussed implications for life insurance companies and potential adjustments to their real estate equity investment allocations.