REIT Index

Our REIT Index strategy offers investors passively-managed equity and fixed income portfolios that seek to track the total returns of strategy-specific market indices. We provide investors with broad market exposure and diversification across asset types and sectors, offering customized, client-centric solutions. Our portfolio management process facilitates tight performance tracking through stringent risk controls, while our team approach ensures portfolio management integrity and continuity.

Total Strategy Assets:
$41.4 million
Portfolio Managers:

Stacey Lituchy, CFA
Norman Hu
Mirsad Usejnoski
S&P BMI U.S. REIT® Index1
The Index is a broad based index that measures the U.S. REIT equity market.
Minimum Investment:
$100 million
Inception Date:
January 1, 2011
Available Vehicles:

Separately Managed Accounts

1 The Index is the S&P BMI U.S. REIT® Index. The Index is unmanaged, has no periodic or other distributions, retains all earnings and losses which are reflected in the gross asset value over time, and its performance does not reflect the impact of any management fees, taxes or expenses that would be borne by an investor. An investor cannot invest directly in the Index.

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