Insurance Asset Management

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) leverages its global scale and footprint, deep insurance asset management expertise, rigorous risk management and strong credit culture to create value for our insurance clients. In particular, our laser focus on managing credit risk has been a strong part of MIM’s DNA for over 150 years. Our organization is considered a thought leader both within the insurance space and across the broader fixed income markets.

MIM has seasoned investment teams that forge true partnerships with our clients. This partnership helps to foster better investment outcomes in every investment environment.

Key Differentiators

Our expertise and proprietary tools empower clients to validate their strategies, identify new strategies and make informed business and portfolio decisions.

  • Experience in managing insurance portfolios through many market cycles.
  • MIM speaks the same language and understands the vocabulary of insurance asset management.
  • The portfolio managers and advisory teams are practitioners – they are insurance portfolio and asset liability management (ALM) managers that are accustomed to solving real insurance company problems.
  • MIM uniquely understands the objectives, constraints and opportunities that an insurance client faces, specifically both sides of the balance sheet.
  • MIM has developed, implemented and managed holistic portfolio and derivative strategies through a broad range of rate and credit market environments.

Products and Services

  • Single investment mandates
  • Multiple investment mandates
  • Outsourced CIO mandates
  • Insurance core mandate solutions leveraging MIM’s global asset origination and portfolio management platforms

Custom Insurance Advisory Services

Portfolio Optimization

To maximize return objectives relative to agreed-upon risk levels in order to inform portfolio allocation and asset liability management positioning

New Money (Pricing) Portfolio Construction

Investment guidance approaches vary by product type based upon the relative impact of investment margins on profits and product competitiveness

Asset-liability Management

Determine the appropriate risk-return trade-off, taking into account a range of risk factors, including credit, interest rates, FX and more

Product Development

New product development to meet the needs of insurance clients

Earnings Emergence Analysis

Analysis to inform portfolio construction and ALM decision making by projecting estimates of earnings over meaningful market scenarios

Liquidity Risk Analysis

  • Liability type (e.g. fixed annuity)
  • Legal entity working capital requirements
  • Regulatory requirements (cash flow testing)

Additional advisory and operational services

  • Cash management
  • Collateral management
  • Derivative support
  • Financial projections
  • Governance framework