Corporate Private Placements

We offer a Corporate Private Placement strategy that seeks to originate high quality private debt with enhanced yield and diversification characteristics. We offer managed accounts customized to each client’s unique needs or circumstances. The clients’ investments can be tailored to a wide range of maturities as well as to diversification by risk, country, sector and currency, and structured as fixed and/or floating rate debt.

Why Corporate Private Placements

  • Diversification: Issuers and/or structures that generally are not available in the public markets
  • Downside protection: Financial covenants and/or collateral—especially important in a deteriorating credit environment
  • Economics: Historical spread and incremental income opportunities
  • Asset/Liability Management: Call protection and flexible maturity profiles

As Your Investment Manager

  • Investing in private placements for 100+ years
  • Management team averages 20+ years investing; experienced in navigating through credit cycles
  • Experience performing comprehensive due diligence
  • Maximize deal flow through size/scale and deep, long-standing relationships with issuers, sponsors and lending agent banks
  • Utilizing our size and presence to negotiate exclusive transactions and tranches to seek enhanced return and structural protection
Assets Under Management:
$52.3 billion1
Portfolio Managers:

Judy Gulotta, CFA, CPA
Frank Monfalcone
Jason Rothenberg, CFA
Available Vehicles:

Separately Managed Accounts

1 Excludes $1.5B of Project Finance, Lease and Tax Equity assets, which are not considered by MIM to be a part of the asset class described herein. Total AUM of Private Corporates (including Corporate Private Placements, Project Finance, Lease and Tax Equity investments) is $53.8B.

Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses before investing any money. To obtain this and other information, please email to request more information. Please review the Terms of Use of this site for additional details.