Cash Plus Fixed Income

Our Cash Plus Fixed Income composite seeks to preserve principal while generating higher returns than money market funds. The target duration is less than one year and the investments consist of government, agencies, corporate, mortgage and asset back sectors in the investment grade universe.

Assets Under Management:
$1,071.1 million1
Portfolio Managers:

Scott Pavlak, CFA
Peter Mahoney
FTSE 6-Month Treasury Bill2
Inception Date:
April 1, 1996
Available Vehicles:

Separately Managed Accounts

1 Represents total assets included in the Cash Plus Fixed Income (“Cash Plus”) strategy. Based on unaudited estimates and subject to change.

2 The performance benchmark for the Cash Plus Fixed Income (“Cash Plus”) composite is the FTSE 6-month U.S. Treasury Bill Index, which tracks the return of one U.S. six month Treasury Bill until maturity. The benchmark does not reflect holdings in all sectors targeted within the Cash Plus strategy. Please see additional Performance Disclosures in the Performance section.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, there shall be incorporated in any scheme particulars, offering circular, prospectus, or terms and conditions relating to the Licensed Product or Licensed Fund or to any units or shares or other form of interest in the Licensed Fund or Licensed Product (or any similar documents relating to the Licensed Product or the shares or units in the Licensed Fund or the terms and conditions for any issue or transfer of any of them), or in any material published by the Licensee which specifically refers to the Licensed Product or the Licensed Fund a statement in the following terms and substantially the same form: The Cash Plus Fixed Income Composite (the “Cash Plus Fixed Income Composite”) has been developed solely by MetLife Investment Management. The “Cash Plus Fixed Income Composite” is/are not in any way connected to or sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the London Stock Exchange Group plc and its group undertakings (collectively, the “LSE Group”). FTSE Russell is a trading name of certain of the LSE Group companies.
All rights in the FTSE 6-Month Treasury Bill: “FTSE Russell Index” (the “Index”) vest in the relevant LSE Group company which owns the Index. “FTSE®” is a trade mark of the relevant LSE Group company and is used by any other LSE Group company under license. “TMX®” is a trade mark of TSX, Inc. and used by the LSE Group under license. The Index is calculated by or on behalf of FTSE International Limited or its affiliate, agent or partner. The LSE Group does not accept any liability whatsoever to any person arising out of (a) the use of, reliance on or any error in the Index or (b) investment in or operation of the Cash Plus Fixed Income Composite. The LSE Group makes no claim, prediction, warranty or representation either as to the results to be obtained from the Cash Plus Fixed Income Composite or the suitability of the Index for the purpose to which it is being put by MetLife Investment Management.
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Municipals Money
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