Private Equity


Private Equity Strategy seeks to deliver consistent, attractive long-term private equity returns, both on an absolute basis and relative to industry benchmarks.


MIM believes manager selection across geographies and strategies will be the principal determinant of alternative asset performance. We strive to accomplish this through an active direct sourcing program, rigorous underwriting, thoughtful portfolio construction and an active monitoring process. 


  • Building long-term partnerships with key private equity sponsors
  • Focus on prudent portfolio construction
  • Consistent disciplined approach to underwriting
  • Active portfolio monitoring – including presence on many fund Limited Partners advisory committees  

MIM Differentiating Factors 

  • Deep, established private equity relationships based on our long history as an investor which drives access and value across sectors and strategies 
  • MetLife’s General Account will generally be a significant investor alongside our clients helping ensure alignment of interests
  • Disciplined and comprehensive investment process provides deep insights in order to identify and invest in what MIM feels are the most attractive opportunities
  • Dedicated team of professionals focused exclusively on private equity and operating with the support of significant organizational resources

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As of September 30, 2022. At estimated fair value.

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