Scott O'Donnell

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Scott O'Donnell

Sector Leader - Credit Research (Financials)

Scott J. O’Donnell is a sector leader on the global credit research team and is responsible for overseeing the financial institutions sector for MetLife Investment Management (MIM) Public Fixed Income. 

Scott has been with MIM since 2012, originally joining MetLife in 2005 in the same role. Prior to joining MetLife, Scott was the head of the financial institutional team in J.P. Morgan Chase’s Credit Portfolio Group, a director with Citigroup Investments covering the bank and REIT sectors and a vice president in J.P. Morgan’s sell-side credit research group covering the U.S. bank and REIT sectors. Previously, Scott was managing director and head of Fitch Ratings U.S. bank and REIT ratings teams. He began his career with Chase Manhattan Bank, graduating from the bank’s credit training program in 1985, and working as an investment banker to U.S. banks and thrifts. Scott has 35 years of industry experience.

Scott graduated from Rutgers College with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.