Scott O'Donnell

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Scott O'Donnell
Sector Leader - Credit Research (Financials)

Scott J. O’Donnell is a sector leader of the North American financial institutions research team conducting analysis on the banking, insurance and REIT industries. In this capacity, Scott and his team work with portfolio managers and traders to assist in the management of MetLife Investment Management’s (MIM) approximately $18 billion financial sector portfolio.

O'Donnell joined MIM in 2005. Prior to joining MetLife, O'Donnell worked two years as a vice president in J.P. Morgan Chase’s Credit Portfolio Group as head of the financial institutions team. From 2000 through 2003, he was a director with Citigroup Investments covering the bank and REIT sectors. He was a vice president in J.P. Morgan’s sell-side credit research group from 1997 through 2000 following the U.S. bank and REIT sectors. O'Donnell was managing director and head of Fitch Ratings U.S. bank and REIT ratings teams from 1992 through 1997. He began his career with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1981, completed Chase’s credit training program in 1984, and was an investment banker to U.S. banks and thrifts until 1992.

O'Donnell is a 1981 graduate of Rutgers College with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.