Private Capital

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Private Capital

MetLife Investment Management provides tailored lending solutions designed to help meet the funding needs of qualified issuers.

MetLife Investment Management has a 100+ year history of originating private debt. Our name and reputation are well known throughout the marketplace. Issuers look to us for customized lending solutions designed to meet their unique funding needs in a quick and efficient manner.

MIM manages $98.9 billion in Private Corporates and Private Infrastructure debt.1 We focus on the following asset classes:

  • Corporate Private Placements
  • Infrastructure & Project Finance Debt
  • Lease/Tax Equity


  • Direct capability allows for custom-tailored structures with potentially lower all-in costs
  • Analysts are seasoned sector specialists with an average tenure of 20 years
  • Ability to invest across all major currencies
  • Flexible drawdowns (set coupon, draw funds later)
  • Streamlined approval process seeks efficiency and certainty of execution
  • Structures involving a Master Note Facility allows for quick and efficient access to capital
  • Originated $6.2 billion in corporate private placements, infrastructure debt and other private transactions during the first half of 2020

As of December 31, 2020. At estimated fair value.

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