Corporate Private Placements


Corporate Private Placements

MetLife Investment Management can help provide qualified borrowers with quick and efficient access to capital.

Corporate Private Placements offer the following potential advantages for corporate borrowers:

  • Diversification of funding sources
  • Longer maturities than may be available from banks
  • Structuring flexibility
  • Certainty of execution and confidentiality
  • Flexible drawdowns (set coupon, draw funds later)
  • Market characterized by demand from buy-and-hold investors
  • Multiple funding dates, maturities and currencies available—all possible in a single transaction


  • Originated $14.7 billion in corporate private placements, infrastructure debt and other private transactions during 2018
  • Dedicated team of experienced, private placement professionals 
  • Streamlined approval process allows for quick and efficient execution

Master Note Facility

  • Provides qualified issuers with quick and efficient access to capital
  • Multiple notes (minimum draw of $10 million or equivalent in any major currency) can be issued under Master Note Facility with the ability to structure each note with a different payment structure
  • Minimal up-front costs
  • Once the Master Note Facility Structure is established, follow-on draws require minimal documentation
  • Ability to fix coupon rate within days of funding, thus providing for flexibility
  • Multi-currency capability with fixed- and floating-rate interest options
Leadership Team
We partner with issuers to develop creative solutions and deal terms that fit their future capital requirements and expansion goals.

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