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Commercial Mortgage Loans

Available Strategies

1st Mortgages, Subordinate Debt

Available Structures

Participation Structures
Commercial Mortgage

We seek to identify institutional quality4 commercial mortgages that offer higher relative value than similarly rated corporate bonds and greater protection from default risk. Our commercial mortgage loan platform targets mostly opportunities in the primary markets with the remainder in select secondary and tertiary markets. We focus on office buildings, retail centers, apartment complexes, industrial properties and hotels. Investment real estate professionals in our regional office platform solicit, underwrite, originate and manage the loans and have in-depth real estate knowledge and longstanding industry relationships within their regions.

Why Commercial Mortgages?

  • Potential for: predictable current income and spread premiums with generally low historical loss rates in various market conditions
  • Structural protections (e.g. secured repayment protection, amortization and control over additional debt)
  • Potential portfolio diversifier given its low historical correlation to many major asset classes
  • Flexible term and rate structures that may be ideal for liability-driven investing


  • A broad range of investment structures—participations, joint ventures, private label or other structured solutions across the risk/return spectrum—from first mortgages to subordinate debt
  • Seeks to utilize MetLife Investment Management's size and scale to gain access to deal participant and flow across global markets, property types, loan term and seniority in the capital stack
  • Disciplined underwriting and monitoring processes
  • Proprietary research supports investment decisions by helping to define investment strategy, mitigate risk and provide underwriting and valuation guidance

Key Differentiators

  • Integrated equity and debt platform with broad insight into local markets
  • Extensive global office network with 200+ real estate professionals in seven U.S. offices, plus global offices in London, Mexico City, Santiago and Tokyo5
  • Comprehensive access to market participants and opportunities through long-standing relationships with large owners, developers and operators
  • Discipline in underwriting and structuring loans
  • Integrated research, risk, and debt analytics capabilities including internal valuations as well as centralized loan ratings and monitoring processes
  • Highly specialized market and sector experts with experience across senior and subordinate loans

MetLife Investment Management and the Environment

We seek to maintain industry-leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices in our real estate lending business. By adopting six overarching ESG principles and practices, we seek to (1) support sustainable long-term returns, (2) support our commitment as a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), (3) assess financial risks and opportunities, and (4) reduce the environmental impact of our lending portfolio in partnership with our stakeholders. 

This policy codifies our commitment to incorporate ESG issues and analysis throughout our lending process, including origination, due diligence, deal approval and ongoing monitoring.

To read our Real Estate Debt ESG Policy, click here

To learn more about MetLife Investment Management's approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, click here.

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1 Please note that not all structures are available in all jurisdictions

Represents Total Commercial Mortgage Loan AUM (NAV). As of December 31, 2019. At estimated fair value. See Total AUM Fact Sheet for definitions and further information on asset types comprising our investment strategies.

Represents Total Commercial Mortgage Loan AUM (GMV). As of December 31, 2019. At estimated fair value. See Total AUM Fact Sheet for definitions and further information on asset types comprising our investment strategies.

4 MetLife Investment Management considers an institutional-grade, or institutional-quality property to be a property of sufficient size and stature to merit attention from large national or international investors.

5 Santiago and Mexico City offices are offices of local MetLife Insurance subsidiaries; investment professionals located in these offices provide services internally to MetLife affiliates and do not currently provide asset management services directly to any third parties. MIM’s registered investment advisory entities leverage the services of these offices in connection with Mexico CML opportunities for their clients. Investment professionals located in the Tokyo office provide investment services to third parties for other asset classes, but do not provide real estate related investment services to third parties.

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