Transition Opportunities for a 21st Century Portfolio

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Guy Haselmann Brian Funk James Grace
SEP 20, 2022

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Economic forecasts are the cornerstone for budgetary decisions of many corporate executives. For asset owners, asset managers, and many in the financial industry, return expectations have long been used as the basis for strategic asset allocation adjustments. For many asset owners, this now also includes accounting for impacts of climate change and the proliferating trends in sustainability investments. 

Climate change initiatives have many over-lapping attributes within the orbit of ESG and sustainability. It is reasonable to expect the powerful momentum behind these distinct but related disciplines will continue to exert ever-growing influence on asset pricing. Thus, we believe transition to a more climateaware and sustainable world has the potential to present numerous investment opportunities. We believe that alpha can be generated by investing in issuers that are transitioning faster than their peers to a “greener” future.