Private Structured Credit

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Private Structured Credit


To seek strong risk-adjusted returns on predominately investment-grade investments while opportunistically adding non-investment grade investments with the goal of enhancing overall returns.

Companies are increasingly turning to private equity and debt markets to help fund business investment and growth around the globe. An increase in financial regulations along with the volatility of public-market pricing is pushing many issuers to pursue private-debt solutions. MetLife Investment Management's Private Structured Credit strategy attempts to capitalize on these market shifts by working with issuers and bankers to provide well-structured financing solutions that seek to enhance yield for our clients.

Why Private Structured Credit

  • Sizable market opportunity
  • Investment diversification into sectors and structures that may not be found in public markets
  • Privately negotiated debt terms that seek to help protect investments
  • Historically higher spreads than comparably rated Private Structured Credit investments


MetLife Investment Management works with issuers and bankers to create and invest in private, unique lending opportunities in the Private Structured Credit market across a diverse range of asset sectors. 


  • Act as a preferred lender and partner to issuers and bankers in the Private Structured Credit market
  • Utilize established, long-standing relationships and structured products industry reputation to source deals and create new structures
  • Strive to ensure that negotiated lending contracts contain provisions that can help clients protect their principal in downturn scenarios
  • Leverage MetLife Investment Management Private Capital's depth and breadth of credit expertise across sectors to enable us to quickly evaluate and structure deals across an array of investment sectors

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As of March 31, 2024. At estimated fair value.

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