Fall 2022 Real Estate Outlook

Fall 2022 Real Estate Outlook

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William Pattison Michael Steinberg Derek Tong Jacob Kurosaki Kiel Deitrich
SEP 27, 2022

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Key Takeaways:

  • Inflation remains high, interest rates are rising, and geopolitical risks have worsened, but consumers are well positioned, and job growth is strong.
  • We estimate discount rates across property types rose by around 50 basis points (bps) between May and September of 2022. Taken alone, this change in discount rates would imply a roughly 10% decline in real estate prices compared to just a few months ago; however, there are several mitigating factors that point to a milder impact on prices.
  • Few cracks are evident in the apartment, industrial, and hotel sectors.
  • We believe retail offers tactical pricing opportunities and a brightening fundamentals outlook.
  • The office sector remains challenged, but painting office with a broad brush could lead to both elevated risks and missed opportunities.