Spring 2022 Real Estate Outlook: Ukraine, Inflation, and Energy Prices

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Spring 2022 Real Estate Outlook: Ukraine, Inflation, and Energy Prices

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William Pattinson Reginald Ross Michael Steinberg Derek Tong Matthew Biagi
MAY 03, 2022

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Key Takaways:

  • The war in Ukraine will not hamper the outlook for the U.S. economy, though this view is predicated on the duration and scope of the war.
  • Inflation is generally positive for real estate investors but also magnifies risks; foremost stemming from upcoming Federal Reserve actions. 
  • Higher energy prices could be modestly positive for real estate investments in markets like Houston, Denver, and Dallas, but is negative for consumer sentiment. 
  • The labor market outlook is improving with strong gains in payrolls and the labor force participation rate; something that should increase real estate demand.

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