Finding Opportunities in Real Estate

Finding Opportunities in Real Estate

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Robert Merck William Pattinson
JUN 09, 2022

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Times of crisis reveal new opportunities. The pandemic, high inflation and changing consumer habits have shifted the real estate landscape.

Few sectors received as much attention as real estate during the pandemic. The stark changes—empty malls, offices and hotels—stirred panic in some. But Robert Merck, global head of real estate and agricultural finance at MetLife Investment Management (MIM), which manages $110 billion in private real estate assets, took things in stride and saw opportunities amid the crisis.

“Although the pandemic was definitely different, I’d say how we navigated it was similar to other downturns,” he says.

Dealing with the impact of the pandemic required the same process of analysis and decision-making as other crises, Merck says. It’s important to have that process in place to manage existing investments and identify new opportunities. After a tumultuous couple of years, the dust is starting to settle, revealing a changed real estate landscape.